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The Cast of Divinity & The Python - Meet Shaynie Gavin

Shaynie is…

A sexy bartender with a saucy mouth.

A self-employed carpenter and upcycling artiste.

She is a spiritually sensitive soul who studies the arcane art of turning The Tarot, and …

…and Shaynie is the subject of highly sensual—yet sometimes sadistic—fantasies of men she knows…and one who lurks in the shadows.

For Shaynie carries within her a secret so deep her own memory has buried it. All she recalls is waking one night after atypically partying hard—and being bloodied, wounded, and terrified.

That night—which she’s silently christened as ‘Hellnight’—propelled Shaynie into fast-tracking a plan she’d already launched into motion: the opening of Divinity, a metaphysical furniture boutique where she vends her upcycled, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces—and where consumers can also discover their destiny in the Cards. Shaynie’s unique sense of spirituality reigns supreme in Divinity, and The Tarot provides guidance, clarity…and offers portends as to what is to come.

It’s a good life. A full life, despite that gaping hole in her memory of Hellnight…and despite the fact that Shaynie, for all the hot fantasies she inspires, nonetheless remains alone.

By choice, she asserts, stubbornly.

And yet…

Yet this woman—a sensitive Pisces who once, although shattered by grief, nevertheless lovingly crafted her father’s own coffin—longs for someone who understand all the ethereal things she simply knows are true. Shaynie wants someone who accepts the profound meaning she attaches to objects like old doors, colored stones, and the black rocks to which she assigns (and then tosses away) her burdens. Shaynie aches for love and yet…she is scared. The last time someone expressed ‘love’ it was a perversion that scrubbed her memory and left scars. And so, burying herself within the artistry of her carpentry, the mystery of the Tarot, and hiding between the walls of Divinity, Shaynie convinces herself that the building—an old funeral parlor / morgue she has also upcycled—is the only companionship she needs.

Yet Divinity, indeed wholly alive and in full possession of a soul all its own, is far wiser than she…and if Shaynie longs for love, the old morgue—who adores her—will surely orchestrate fate in such a way that Shaynie indeed gets the soulmate she deserves.

And God help anyone who gets in Divinity’s way….

Fall in love with Shaynie Gavin’s story here:

Divinity & The Python—Where deception and desire dance in the dark Secrets & Shadows Book I

then head to Jasper National Park and dive into Shaynie’s brother Andrew’s love story here:

Within The Summit’s Shadow…where love waits…but so does murder Secrets & Shadows Book II

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