Bonnie Randall lives in a forest at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.

Scribbling stories in coil-bound notebooks from the age of 9, Bonnie’s first attempts at prose featured wicked dolls, evil grandmothers—oh, and a romantic hero who just happened to be a professional ice hockey player (go figure). Clearly much has changed yet nothing has changed; Bonnie is still a sucker for true love, soul mates, smudgy shadows and things that go bump in the night.

Yet while writing has been the passion, social work has been the calling and, within a career spent in both Child Protection and addictions counseling, Bonnie has come to believe that it is our relationships—with people and environments—that shape our souls and craft what, ultimately, becomes the human experience.

A Scorpio to the core, Bonnie’s passion is, well, passion—and mysticism, creepiness, and all things arcane. Her stories explore what love looks like in the face of paranormal peril for “Till death do us part” is, after all, only an illusion…

Love never dies.

Welcome to Bonnie’s page and her fictional world