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Hi There! 

Welcome to my site & home of my fictional worlds!

For those who don't know me, my stories explore what love looks like in the face or paranormal peril. That's Bonnie-speak for "I write Paranormal Romantic Mysteries...although sometimes I get side-tracked and need to bang out a short story or two about stuff that scares me (*cough* No Vacancy *cough*). Those pieces are fairly firmly rooted in the horror realm.

I live in western Canada and escape to into the Rocky Mountains whenever I'm not deep inside the rabbit hole of one of my fictional settings...or whenever I'm not out on the road. I'm a clinical social worker by trade, and my years of clinical work has morphed into professional speaking; I am a national trainer on subjects like Violent Threat Risk Assessment, How Traumatic Events Impact Systems, and the role of Early Adversity Plays Across The Scope of a Lifetime.  


 I'm glad you're here! While you wander around my site, please cruise through my stories - you'll find some free short fiction here, and links to each of my well as an entire page devoted to my upcoming Shadow Valley series, the first title of which - The Shadow Collector - releases in mid-2023. (I'm not excited AT ALL! 

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