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Jazz & Roar
The infamous and informal dowager of her little town, Jasmine is as legendary as the myths of magic in the forest surrounding her. Her joy died when her true love perished, and while Jazz knows that trilling wind chimes may call forth the Devil, she wonders if their windsong can raise other lost spirits too....
Hatlen James & The Clapping Man
Hatlen James has climbed from a graveyard filled with victims of the Spanish Influenza to search for his Mama, but when he finds his old Red Brick School things aren't the same. It is something called a 'THEATRE' now, and the pupils there appear to be acting out a 'FANCIFUL TALE'. Hatlen also sees a Clapping Man who directs the children, and a beautiful seamstress who reminds him of Mama. Would they - or could he make them be - his new Mama and Papa? 

No Vacancy

Therapist Lucas Stephen and his psychic colleague Della are lured into a legendary Los Angeles hotel that can make time and identity shift like a Hollywood movie...from Hell.  Hunting dreams and discovering nightmares, Lucas and Della may not be able to check out of The Cecil once they've checked in.... 


Praise for
No Vacancy

"The setting and sense of place is fantastic...this story is absolutely chilling - Barbara Smith, bestselling author of the Ghost Stories of Alberta series

"A terrifying supernatural story of an old L.A. hotel. Friends, this is a must-read" - Dario Ciriello, author of Aegean Dream & Black Easter

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