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The Cast of Divinity & The Python - Meet Cele Boisvert

Is she a sage or a seer? Cele Boisvert is not just a Tarot master, she is also Shaynie's mentor - and de facto mother. Obviously older than the late-twenties Shaynie, Cele's precise age nonetheless eludes me. Yet though she's both ageless and timeless, other details about Cele are very clear. First, she is of mixed race and French-Canadian heritage. Cele's ancestry likely descends from enslaved Haitians who fled north via the Underground Railroad, emerging over the Canadian border, in Quebec. As such, Cele's roots in the ethereal and unexplained reach lengthily into her history - so far, in fact, that Cele is one of those people who, when she tells you something incredible, you believe her simply because there is such a blase and unvarnished assurance to the things that she knows.

In other words, Cele has lived enough to know that some things in this world defy explanation - and that other things can only be explained by the incredible.

In Cele's world, the color purple is magical, ivy is both potent and lethal, and the Tarot is an unerring witching rod that can point to the future.

If the cards are interpreted properly.

If readers of my work are worthy judges (and they are), then Cele Boisvert - who loves Shaynie, adores Cameron Weste, and can astutely assess most people and all places is, with little competition, the most beloved character I've ever crafted.

And that makes me smile. When I reflect on writing scenes featuring Cele, I can see the blousy sleeves of her endless collection of caftans. I hear the cadence of her unmistakably French-Canadian accent in my ear. And, considering Cele, I cannot help but wonder: what would the Tarot say if Cele turned cards for me? What would the cards say if she turned them for you?

Meet Cele here, in my beloved debut novel

Divinity & The Python, kindle ebook


And purchase my new release, Book II of my Secrets & Shadows series HERE: Within The Summit's Shadow

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