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The Cast of Divinity & The Python - Meet Cameron Weste

He kinda struts when he walks, his voice rumbles when he talks, and he's got that sexy whiplash smile.

Cameron Weste was the romantic hero I had the most fun creating. His lighthearted charm was endearing, he held a quirky set of superstitions that made me smile, and...

Well, he's sexy.

Really sexy.

Handsome Dustin Penner - who, like Cameron, once played for The Edmonton Oilers - was the physical model I decided looked a lot like the Weste of my imagination.

I suspect any similarities end precisely there, though, because Weste...well, Weste believes some straaaaange stuff.

Mirrors scare him because his Grandma once told him that a soul can get trapped there.

He won't unpack his belongings - in fact keeps them taped tightly shut in boxes - because Edmonton is NOT where he wants to be, so to unpack his stuff might send the wrong message to the 'Universe'.

Whoa. How woo-woo is this guy?

He has Shaynie turn the Tarot because he NEEDS TO KNOW what's going to happen next.

Cameron is someone whose faith is more than just shaky, and it's because of his back-story, something hinted at, but never fully explored in the novel. And it surprised me, actually, how melancholy Cameron's history is, given how he struts like a stud and kills the gals with his grin.

'Cause who knew that Cameron lost his Dad as a kid just like Shaynie did? Who knew that his Mom remarried and started a new family, a preferred family, and systematically shut Cameron out of it?

Who knew that she would one day even approach him, once he made it to the Big League, and ask him to repay every dime spent on ferrying him from tournament to tournament when he was a kid, for every piece of equipment, for all the fundraising, the team fees, and the billet-home dues?

Who knew, in other words, that he'd be so summarily rejected by the one person who's supposed to love him unconditionally?

As Cameron's backstory spooled out for me, suddenly all his uncertainty, his lack of faith, and the mistrust that turned him to something as dubious as the Tarot in the first place made perfect sense.

So did the magnetism between him and Shaynie.

They are soulmates written in the constellation of stars he has painted on his ceiling, and it was my profound delight to craft their story and deliver the Happy-Ever-After they so thoroughly earned.

Meet Cameron Weste right HERE

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