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  • Bonnie Randall

An Elizabeth McBrien Christmas Concert

As a kid, she was a prodigy and today she remains a virtuoso. Elizabeth McBrien, heroine of Within The Summit's Shadow, the second paranormal romantic suspense title in my Secrets & Shadows series, is an unparalleled classical guitarist whose music was part of why Andrew Gavin - her enemy...her soul mate - fell so deeply in love with her way back when they were just teens.

As her first scene in Within The Summit's Shadow (kindle) (paperback) opens, we learn that Elizabeth has actually been blackmailed into coming back to Jasper, Alberta to play for a wedding. See, the bride has arranged an audition for Elizabeth at The Ammolite, an elite up-and-coming venue within the illustrious Rockies. The chance of a proverbial lifetime for our beautiful, talented minstrel to perform for the international audience that floods Jasper every season.

The only contingency is that Elizabeth must play at the wedding...where the bride's brother, Andrew - who Elizabeth once loved, and who once cruelly and publicly humiliated her - will most certainly be in attendance.

What's a starving musician to do?

The die is cast, and Elizabeth goes home to play in the Rockies, where she successfully rebukes Andrew...for a while.

Ignoring him (and the spirit who has materialized to haunt her; a mysterious boy in a ball cap who'll neither show her his face nor speak in anything louder than a whisper), Elizabeth crafts a set list to wow the investors of The Ammolite, including a short series of Christmas carols she anticipates playing for the audience of ski-season guests who come to the Rockies when the snow flies, transforming everything into a real winter wonderland.

Here are some of the seasonal tracks Elizabeth chooses, and how I imagine her playing them.

Enjoy Elizabeth's concert as perhaps you dive into some Christmas wrapping or baking this afternoon.

Oh Holy Night

Silent Night

Silver Bells

Away In a Manger

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Joy To The World

Joy to YOUR worlds, and blessings to each of you, my beloved readers, this Christmas, and peace and love to each of you as we enter a brand new decade.



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