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  • Bonnie Randall

The Cast Of Within The Summit's Shadow - Meet The Dead Boy

Who—or what—is The Dead Boy?

Andrew sees a sinister swarm of shadows that smell like a sewer.

Elizabeth sees a shy boy in a ball cap who hides his face and speaks only in whispers. Oh, and he smells like honeysuckle, not a sewer.

Kyle talks to The Dead Boy, yet refuses to add any more detail than that, becoming defiant and stubbornly silent when Elizabeth & Andrew implore him to disclose more.

But…why? Why is Kyle so protective of this thing that beats Andrew bloody and tries (sometimes succeeding) to seduce Elizabeth?

The Dead Boy is equally protective of Kyle; sheltering him from even the slightest hint of danger. Becoming frantic over Kyle’s declining health and deathly pallor. It’s almost as if…well, it’s like he loves the kid.

And Kyle definitely adores The Dead Boy.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, isn’t sure how she feels about the spirit…yet secretly fears that she’s falling in love with the thing.

As for Andrew? Well, Andrew has seen The Dead Boy longer than any of them and he despises the damn thing. Although…sometimes he pities it too. Other times (and to his own chagrin) he’s bemused by the things The Dead Boy says and does. On occasion he’s even felt sick with worry for the thing.

And The Dead Boy, despite all his anger and resentment toward Andrew, is nonetheless deeply connected to him. Consider this passage, when Andrew has the following revelation:

‘…it almost sounded like—“You like me.”

“’Course,” replied The Dead Boy, softly. “And all I want is for you to like me, too.”

The Dead Boy broke my heart from time to time, and one scene between him and Andrew made me cry so hard I could not see my computer screen. He is, hands down, my most beloved character I have ever created. I love The Dead Boy more than all my other characters combined.

But…who IS he? Meet - and try ciphering - him HERE:

Within The Summit's Shadow kindle ebook

Within The Summit's Shadow, paperback

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