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The Cast of Within The Summit's Shadow - Meet Randi King

When I conceptualized the character of Randi King I knew just a handful of things, but they were important: First, Randi is not just beautiful - she is gorgeous. Second, she is not just attractive - she is sexy. Also (and strangely) in my initial character sketch, Randi was also, unequivocally, a red head.

As Randi began to reveal more and more of her character within the story, it occurred that Julianne Moore would be the perfect face of Randi King.

As for personality, though...? This is how our heroine Elizabeth sees Randi:

"It is hard to reconcile Randi as somebody dangerous,” she said. “Remember at the wedding when she called me a cartoon? She’s the cartoon. So one-dimensional, if you touched her she’d fall over, a cardboard cut-out.” Randi really that vapid?

A sexually aware woman with beauty to spare and money to burn, Randi King is governed by lust and yet...there is a sentimental side to her too.

Isn't there?

Is it there?

Form your own opinion. Meet Randi HERE:

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