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Secrets & Shadows Books I & II

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Within The Summit's Shadow

Detective Andrew Gavin is tortured.

A long-ago suicide has painted his conscience with blood, gore, and guilt. 

His heart remains shattered by his first love, his only love, Elizabeth - lost to him because of his own, intentional, cruelty. 

A new kid is dead because Andrew killed him without cause, and now he's suspended from law enforcement and awaiting a murder charge.

So when a long-forgotten delusion - The Dead Boy - resurrects itself in his mind, Andrew is shaken, but not surprised. 


An unexpected confrontation with Elizabeth stuns him: she also sees The Dead Boy.

Wait - the thing is a spirit, not a delusion?

Yes, and the ghost insists that unless Andrew comes clean about everything from his past - especially that horrific suicide - then another kid, a sweet kid both he and Elizabeth adore, will leave a new trail of blood across both their hearts..  


Divinity & The Python


Inspired by a icy winter night when exhaust floating from the downtown core looked as if the buildings were releasing their souls, this gothic romantic thriller introduces the lovely Shaynie Gavin, a Tarot reader whose cards allow glimpses of the future - but cannot illuminate a brutal Hellnight from her past. Shaynie turns cards for superstitious hockey star Cameron Weste, and the Tarot stay just as murky, yet one thing is clear: there is more than mere lust between them. The cards reveal the Devil too, a vindictive stalker intent on reinventing Shaynie's lost Hellnight - and on turning the Death card for them both. 

Praise For
Divinity & The Python

"Randall's writing is electric; it moves and grooves, rocks and rolls. Divinity & The Python is like a strobe light on a disco round - colors and sounds in constant motion, shadows taking shape then dissolving into the floor."

Julie Johnson, goodreads user

It's sexy, it's spooky, and the tension keeps ratcheting up all the way to the end.

Emily Sandoval, goodreads user

Characters that hook you with a Faerie-like need to follow them from the very first chapter.

Jonathan Del Arroz, Best-Selling Author of Flying Sparks

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